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Published: 02nd June 2011
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Planning to propose to your beloved? You might have been a little confused as deciding on the ring is the hardest part when you anticipate proposing. If it's the prices of the dazzling rings that bother you, check out the most stunning engagement rings available at very low prices.

If you are thinking of popping the question, the first thing you need is a dazzling ring to slip on to her finger. Every man has his own way of proposing, some prefer to propose publicly, like on a giant screen in the middle of a basketball game, whereas others keep it more private with just a dinner. Whatever your style and the backdrop is, the ring that you present should be fascinating. An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a token of love and commitment.

The most appreciated choice for engagement rings has always been diamonds. However, in recent times, other gems like sapphires, emeralds and birthstones have also gained popularity as the gemstones embedded in the engagement rings. These gems are quite precious which makes them extremely expensive. When such gems are placed in the rings with gold and silver settings, the cost of the rings is increased. With the skyrocketing prices, it has become hard to propose with a ring. Many people first spend a fortune on such rings and later spend their lives making the amends. Buying expensive rings will leave you in debt for a long time.

With the economy turning rough, many people have been facing financial crisis, thus turning to the cheaper alternatives for everything. Even with engagement rings, people are opting for wonderful inexpensive rings that are no less than the extravagant rings in terms of appearance. These reasonably priced rings have taken the market by storm. Any type of ring can be spotted at the market, in all the possible designs, exemplary styles and perfect sparkles, to choose the one to bring up 'the question'.

These rings basically have Diamondeau gems that look like real gemstones. These imitation gems have such impeccable finish and exquisite cuts that these are so hard to be distinguished from the real gemstones. Crafted to perfection, these Diamondeau gems seem as if they possess the natural shine. These gems are mounted in the rings with either silver or gold setting to create glamorous pieces of jewelry. You can find these in briolette cuts, marquise cuts and the very famous princess cuts and emerald cuts.

You will find trellis backing in some of these rings that makes them gorgeous. From grinding to polishing, these imitation gems go through a stringent process so as to bring forth the perfect shapes and designs. With their aesthetic appeal and flawless beauty, these rings will certainly win over the lady you present the ring to. When you choose a ring, bear in mind the style of your beloved and what she would love to wear.

Internet is the preferred choice for finding high quality engagement rings at affordable prices. A bit of online research will help you find some companies that offer these rings. The reason these companies offer high quality rings at such low prices is that they don't pay the middleman, retail overheads, warehousing and other taxes which are extremely high on luxury items like designer rings Engagement. An Engagement () is a special occasion and to make it memorable, you should get a ring that sweeps her off the feet.

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